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How to Protect PDF

Documents are becoming the backbone for the businesses. And the backbones are needed to be protected.

The Microsoft office provides an option to encrypt pdf files and office documents. This allows no one to access or even not allowed to view the files. And with the advancement of modern versions, it’s getting easier to protect pdf documents.

How secure is password protection?

Older versions of Microsoft office were weak in providing protection to the documents. Even the passwords can be quickly cracked by using some software. But Microsoft got serious in terms of protection after office 2007.

Password encryption is fully secured which restrict editing People can just view the file can’t edit it. In advance, version restricts editing option changed to encrypt with a password.

Below are the instructions on how to protect pdf in Microsoft Word with the recent versions of office.

Converting to pdf

  • Once you are in your word document. You have to convert word file to pdf.

  • For this conversion, go to the “files” menu.

  • Inside the file menu, click “Export as”, which is available at the left side-tab panel.

  • Now into export as a window, click “PDF/XPS document.”

  • Click “Create PDF/XPS” and it will open a dialogue box asking where to save the file. Don’t save the file directly.

Protect pdf

  • Look at the bottom middle-right. Click on “Options.“

  • At the last, you will find an option saying “Encrypt the document with a password.” Check that option.

  • The new window of Encrypt PDF document will ask you to enter the password. This password is your key to open the file in future.

Warning: You won’t be able to view the pdf file if you forget the password used in encryption.

Protecting doc files

Doc files can be protected directly.

  • Once you are done with your file.

  • Click on to “File” menu at the top bar.

  • You are in “Info” option by default.

  • In the info option, there is an option “Protect document.” Click it.

  • Head to the second option and click “Encrypt with a password.”

  • Enter the password you want to encrypt the document with. Choosing a strong and memorable password is recommended here.

Warning: You will lose the access to the document in case you forget your password So, it’s advisable to write the password somewhere to memorize it.

  • Now next time whenever you open the document, it will ask you for the password. Whether it is editing or it is viewing the document.

Removing the password

  • It is necessary to know how to remove the protection to the file in case you don’t need anymore. It is directly possible for documents. Just head over to protection document option in info. And when asked the password, leave the field empty. Your password is removed. But for pdf’s, we require paid version of Acrobat.


This option helps particular sensitive documents, especially when you share them in USB pen drives. Chances are it can be accessed by some else. The protection is there even if you upload it to online storage clouds like google drive or one drive.

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